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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Horizon Fitness WT751 Treadmill Review

Horizon WT751 TreadmillHorizon WT951 Treadmill Review
Horizon WT951 Treadmill Rating: 2.5 Stars out of 5 for costing the same as the Horizon T82 but being slightly inferior
Price: $799
Buy The Horizon Fitness WT751 Home Treadmill

Did you know yesterday was International Pancake Day? Chances are, you’re here because every day has been International Pancake Day, or International Chili Cheese Fries Day, or International Eat So Much You Feel Stick To Your Stomach But Stuff Another Boneless Buffalo Wing And Slice Of Pizza Down Your Throat Anyway Day. It’s okay, most of us have been down that path, and the important thing is to commit to never repeating that mistake again. If you want to work off that short stack or order of wings, a treadmill can help. Is the Horizon WT951 a good treadmill to buy for losing weight or getting fit? Read on to find out.

One of the first things I do when reviewing a treadmill is compare the specs to other Horizon Treadmills. The WT951 has 2 Horsepower, a 10 MPH maximum speed, and a 10% incline. “This sounds strangely familiar.” I thought, then went to my trusty Horizon Treadmill Comparison chart and noticed that these specs were identical to the Horizon T82 Treadmill. The $799 price tag was also equal to the Horizon T82.

The question on everyone’s mind, what makes the WT751 different from the Horizon T82? First, the WT951 has .25 less horsepower, 7 fewer programs, and a blue view screen compared to an orange view screen.

The Horizon T82 is noticeably superior to the Horizon Fitness WT751 Treadmill. Both treadmills perform the same, have the same warranty, and most people will be satisfied with either, especially considering the price. However, I must rate the WT751 at least a star lower than the Horizon T82 because the T82 is the better of these two treadmills.

Do what you must, but I strongly
reccomend the T82 over the WT951.

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