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Friday, July 24, 2009

Horizon SXE 7.7 Elliptical Trainer Review

This model has been discontinued!
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Hello Readers,
I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve been doing some prep work for video reviews. A video post takes much more time to make than a text post. I hope you appreciate them when they come out! But it’s time to write another elliptical machine review. The Horizon SXE 7.7 Elliptical Trainer was made to be sold in Sears stores and I believe it’s only available at the Horizon Fitness website right now. Does the Horizon SXE 7.7 Elliptical merit your hard earned dollars? Read on, and find out.

A lot of elliptical trainers utilize a terrible knob system to adjust resistance levels. Knob resistance adjustment is clumsy, and often times break down without a delicate touch, a touch I’ve yet to acquire! So, when I found out that the Horizon SXE 7.7 Elliptical Trainer uses a motorized system to adjust resistance I was ecstatic! It’s so much simpler to press a button than mess with whatever zany contraption an engineer thought up on a Denny’s napkin at 2 in the morning. Furthermore, the Horizon SXE 7.7 Elliptical has 10 different resistance settings or levels, I can’t say that’s the most I’ve ever seen in this price range, but that’s definitely within the above average range.

The fitness programs are impressive as well. The Horizon SXE 7.7 Elliptical Trainer has 15 different fitness programs ranging from fat loss to calories burned. If you have a fitness goal, chances are there’s a program on the Horizon SXE 7.7 Elliptical Machine that will help you reach it! Fitness programs are also great for people new to cardiovascular based training and weight loss.

As far as comfort goes, the Horizon SXE 7.7 Elliptical Machine is pretty good, but not the best out there. If you plan on spending $1300 there are definitely better options out there like Sole Ellipticals. Horizon Fitness dominates the category under $1000, but tends to get beat by elliptical trainers in the higher price categories.

Oh, a couple last notes. The Horizon SXE 7.7 Elliptical Machine comes with a built in MP3 player. That’s a really cool ad-in that seems to be proliferating across the fitness industry. You’ll need to buy a $5 adapter cord, but you can probably find it cheaper if you look hard enough.

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