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Friday, July 17, 2009

Proform C525 Treadmill Review

Treadmill Review: Proform C525 Treadmill
Treadmill Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5 for being outclassed by the Horizon T91 Treadmill.
Price: $649

Hello Readers,

If you live in California like I do you know that In-N-Out is a Californian institution. They have the best burgers I’ve ever had the pleasure tasting and I couldn’t imagine a life without In-n-Out’s secret sauce! It’s amazing. Simply put, In-n-Out outclasses every competitor out there! That’s kind of how I feel about Horizon Fitness. When it comes to treadmills in the $600 - $1000 price range Horizon Treadmills are simply better. Unfortunately, the Proform C 525 Treadmill is one of the treadmills that have been outclassed and I’ll tell you why.

This is going to read more like a comparison than a review, but that’s okay. I know I’m helping you. First thing I want to point out is horsepower. The Proform C 525 Treadmill is equipped with a 1.75 HP motor. That’s fine. That’s actually average. But, I’m not here to help you find an average treadmill, I’m here to help you find the best treadmill you can possibly afford!!! In comparison, the Horizon T91 Treadmill has a 2.0 HP motor and believe me, that extra power makes all the difference. Treadmills with more powerful motors are going to last longer because they don’t have to work as hard, it will also be able to handle heavier users and reduce the chance of belt slippage. Belt slippage can be dangerous! It can make you trip and fall!

The Proform C 525 Treadmill is also equipped with a 19” x 50” running area. Once again, I have no complaints….unless I compare it to the Horizon T91 Treadmill. In comparison, the Horizon T91 Treadmill is equipped with a 20” x 50” running area. Sure, 1”, big woop. Actually, that makes a huge difference. If you had both of these treadmills side by side I’m sure you would choose to run on the HorizonT91 Treadmill as opposed to the Proform C 525 Treadmill. One inch makes a huge difference!

The last nail in the coffin for the Proform C 525 Treadmill is price. The Proform C 525 Treadmill costs about $50 more than the Horizon T91 Treadmill! Yes, I said $50! What would you do with an extra $50? A whole lot, that’s what I would do. That’s 5 trips to the movies, 20 used books I’ve been looking for, or another game I won’t play for more than an hour for my Nintendo Wii! There’s absolutely no reason to buy the Proform C 525 Treadmill. If you can think of any, I encourage you to email me or post something in the comments. I always welcome opposing views….though I doubt there will be any.

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