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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Horizon Fitness EX67 Elliptical Trainer

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Elliptical Trainer Review: Horizon EX67 Elliptical Trainer
Elliptical Trainer Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Price: $799

Horizon Fitness is definitely my favorite brand when it comes to elliptical trainers and treadmills that cost under a $1000. In all honesty, my half decade in the fitness industry tells me if you’re looking for the best cost effective elliptical trainer for under a $1000 your first consideration should be a Horizon Elliptical! They are well made and designed, backed by a 1 year parts and labor warranty, and in the off chance you’ll need service under the warranty they’re very easy to get a hold of. Horizon Fitness does not hide from their customers! All that aside, let’s take an objective look at the Horizon EX67 Elliptical Trainer.

Many companies have problems when it comes to fitness programs. Well, not so much that they have problems with making programs so much as they have problems taking the time to add enough. I would estimate the average elliptical machine in the $750 - $1000 range has 8 built in fitness programs. IN stark contrast, the Horizon EX67 Elliptical Trainer comes with 13! 13! Yes, I’m serious, 13! I know I remind my readers just about every treadmill and elliptical review about the importance of fitness programs and I’m going to do it again. Buying an elliptical trainer with a wide range of fitness programs is important because they help you reach specific goals. The pace for losing weight is different than the pace for building cardiovascular endurance and I won’t even get in to the complexities of training for a sprinter versus a long distance runner. To put it simply, more programs means more options, which means you’re more likely to actually use the fitness equipment you buy.

I also want to take a look at resistance levels. Elliptical trainers in this price range are usually equipped with 8 resistance levels and I’ve seen some of the poorer fitness equipment companies actually try to sell a $1000 elliptical trainer with as few as 6! That’s right, 6! C’mon…….I’m getting off subject. Once again, in stark contrast to the competition the Horizon EX67 Elliptical Trainer is equipped with 10 resistance levels. Resistance levels are important because they enable users to get detailed with the intensity of their workout routine. Rather than going from easy to hard or worse, easy to slightly more difficult with no place else to go, the Horizon EX67 Elliptical Trainer empowers users to gradually increase the intensity of their workout and improve at their own pace.

The weak point of the Horizon Fitness EX67 Elliptical Trainer is probably the stride length. Well, it’s weak in comparson to itself at least. The Horizon EX67 destroys the competition in every major category except stride length, where it’s average. Yup, the “drawback” to the Horizon EX67 Elliptical is simply that it’s “average” in just one of the many categories I’m rating it on. Yes, 19” or 20” would be nice, but Horizon does have to make a profit somehow. Still, this is one hell of an elliptical trainer!

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