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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Body Solid EXM 1500s Home Gym Review

Body Solid EXM1500s Home GymBody Solid EXM1500s Home Gym Review
Body Solid EXM 1500s Home Gym Rating:
4.5 stars out of 5 for offering lots of features for a very small price
Price: $699
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Hello Readers,

Today is an important day for the Treadmill Master! I have finally found the time to blog about one of my favorite home gym companies, Body Solid Fitness! Body Solid has been in business for decades and continues to produce some of the best residential grade home gyms and commercial grade home gyms in the industry. If you’re looking for a good weight stack home gym for your workout room or garage, one of the best places to start is Body Solid.

I have chosen an oldie but goodie for my first Body Solid Home Gym Review. The Body Solid 1500s has been time tested and around for several years. Unlike many other home gyms, the design of the Body Solid 1500s Home Gym has been left unchanged for several years. Let’s take a close look to understand why Body Solid has not felt the urge to redesign and repackage the Body Solid 1500s Home Gym.

One of the things that irk me most about home gyms is the guide rods. Guide rods are the poles the weight stack slides up and down. The weight stacks of poorly designed and manufactured home gyms tend to bump and sometimes grind against the guide rods. The noise can easily distract someone trying to concentrate during an intense home gym workout, never mind bumping which can cause someone to lose grip letting the weight stack fall and crack. A home gym with bad guide rods is unacceptable. During my many hours spent with the Body Solid 1500s I’ve not once experienced the “bump and grind” of the guide rods and found the home gym to be extremely stable.

Along that note, the base of the frame is perfect! It prevents a lot of the shaking and wobbling I’ve experienced on other home gyms that make working unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. I have seen a home gym tip over from someone performing a moderate workout. It was a horrible piece and there were rumors the company that shall remain nameless suffered some horrible lawsuits.

As far as exercises go, the Body Solid 1500s Home Gym has plenty to go around. Users can work out legs, arms, chest, and back. There’s also an excellent illustrated poster that demonstrates how to perform all the exercises that can be done on the Body Solid 1500s Home Gym. If you’re worried about resistance, the 1500s comes with a 160 lb. weight stack that can be upgraded to 210 lbs. If you reach your limits with the standard 160 lbs. of resistance, there’s always plenty of room to grow!

One last thing I want to mention is warranty. Body Solid offers the best home gym warranties in the business because they know and I know their home gyms are the best. They will not break down the moment it comes through your door. Body Solid knows their craftsmanship is top notch and they back their claims up with their wallet!

At $699 the price is just right. I think Amazon has a sale right now and sells it for about $20 bucks less. You can also get a free pair of weight lifting gloves with the purchase of the Body Solid 1500s Home Gym. If you are in the market for a selectorized or weight stack resistance home gym, the Body Solid 1500s is the best home gym out there!

The Treadmill Master

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