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Friday, July 17, 2009

Magnum T21CH Treadmill Review - Sort of

Treadmill Review: Magnum T21CH Treadmill
Treadmill Rating: ??? because I have almost no experience with this treadmill
Price: $A lot!

Hello Readers,

It’s not that often I run across a treadmill I can’t talk about at length…but I’m going to try to talk about the Magnum T21CH Treadmill anyway because I’m just that kind of guy! I remember Magnum Treadmills being in our list of vendors back at the fitness shop and I know I’ve sold a couple Magnum Treadmills here and there, but they were definitely not a top seller. So, I invite you, the reader to step up and share anything you know about this treadmill in the comments. I leave it to you, my loyal fans to help your fellow treadmill enthusiasts make an excellent treadmill buying decision. The floor is all yours guys.

One thing I do know is that the Magnum T21CH Treadmill is definitely a professional grade treadmill. This is probably overkill for the average consumer!

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