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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lifecore LC-985VG Elliptical Trainer Review

Elliptical Trainer Review: Lifecore LC985VG Elliptical Trainer
Elliptical Trainer Rating: 3.5 out of 5 for being pretty much a standard elliptical trainer
Price: $999
Hello Readers,

The Lifecore LC 985VG Elliptical Trainer is one of the more innovative elliptical trainers on the market. Just because something is innovative doesn’t mean it’s worth buying. Take the students at Sakarya University for example. They have built THIS CAR and it gets over 1,000 miles to the gallon! That’s incredible! For such a wonderful car, how much it cost? What!? Impossible! This car cost $170,000 to make! Tack on profit, destination and handling, and an iPod plug-in feature and we’re talking a $250,000 or a quarter million dollars! It’s okay though, I’ll help you sort out the difference between hype and substance. Just read my review!

The Lifecore LC 985VG Elliptical Trainer claims to have earned top ratings from a “Leading Consumer Magazine”. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you which magazine they got that from. I do know one thing for sure, it’s definitely not Consumer Reports. In reality, I don’t care which magazine rated the elliptical trainer. They’re not in the industry like I am. They haven’t spent hours reviewing service issue reports that explain how and why fitness equipment broke down. I know my stuff when it comes to fitness equipment. I can’t say the same for consumer magazines that will play around with an elliptical trainer or treadmill and never think about it again. Consumer magazines are great jumping off points for your treadmill or elliptical trainer research, just be sure to do some cross referencing with websites like mine!

Ughh, I got sidetracked again. Anyway, I think my point is the Lifecore LC985VG is all hype and nothing real. Sure, it includes 12 programs and a decent 1 year labor warranty, but that’s pretty much standard for the $1000 price range. There’s also the resistance wheel. That’s the cool, new, exciting, different thing on the Lifecore LC-985VG Elliptical Trainer. You can gradually increase resistance with a scrolling wheel rather than locking something in to place and rigidly adjusting resistance. Well, that’s about it. I’m going to hit the pool! Later guys!


Lisa E said...

Actually, it is Consumer Reports that rated them a 'CR Best Buy'. Not that that necessarily changes anything in your review, but just wanted to correct that one bit of info while I'm shopping around looking at reviews.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty much a worthless review. Rambling about some car that gets 1000 mpg? And a quick google search shows that it is Consumer Reports that gave the high rating. Whatever.