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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Horizon Fitness T71 T72 T73 and T74 Treadmill Sale

I wouldn’t be the great Consumer Sensei I claim to be if I didn’t teach my users how to find the best deals on the stuff they want. I haven’t reviewed the Horizon T71, T72, T73, and the T74, but my research and prior experience working with an online fitness retailer make me confident reccomending them to my readers. As a matter of fact, they’re exactly the same as the Horizon T81, T82,T83, and T84 except for some cosmetic differences. I Believe I’ve mentioned this before, but Horizon Fitness updates the look of their treadmills just about every year to keep them modern looking and take care of any snafus in last year’s design. That’s where you, the consumer have an opportunity to save $50 or a $100 bucks on an excellent treadmill.

You see, some retailers buy large lots of treadmills to take advantage of bulk discounts. Sometimes they’ll have a few of last year’s models when next year’s models come out. Of course, they want to get rid of the “old” models, models that are brand new, in the box, and work great! They’ll lower the price quite a bit and that’s your opportunity to save big. Amazon seems to be in this situation and all of last year’s models are going cheap. Just wanted to let you know. Remember, they’re brand new units and Horizon Fitness manufactures top reviewed treadmills across the board.

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