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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nautilus EV7.17 Pro Series Elliptical Trainer

Nautilus EV7.18 Pro Series Elliptical Trainer
Nautilus EV7.18 Pro Series Elliptical Rating:
4 stars out of 5 for superior mechanics, excellent fitness programs, and being the most natural feeling elliptical trainer man has ever made
Price: $3299
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Hello Readers!

For the past several months we’ve been covering excellent home grade treadmills and elliptical trainers. I want to break that trend by covering some high end fitness equipment for my readers that have been emailing me about the best elliptical or treadmill “money can buy”. If you’re ready to leave your dropping jaw at the door, here is my Nautilus EV7.18 Pro Series Elliptical Trainer Review.

When I first set eyes on the Nautilus EV7.16 Pro Series Elliptical Trainer I thought “that has to be the worst feeling elliptical trainer ever!” Like so many other people I was fooled by the revolutionary new frame design that keeps bobbing up and down to a bare minimum, reduces stress on joints, and doesn’t aggravate the Achilles tendon. (Sore Achilles tendons are a problem for some elliptical trainer users.) It feels smooth. It feels smooth even for elliptical trainers in the 2k – 3k price range! I feel like I could run on the Nautilus EV7 nearly all day if I felt like it. If you’re looking for smooth motion, natural motion, you have found it!

As far as programs go, this thing is packed! This elliptical trainer is equipped with 4 heart rate control programs. As my regular readers well know, heart rate control helps a user stay within an ideal heart rate range, burning off fat and improving cardiovascular endurance much faster than your typical treadmill or elliptical. There’s also 20 resistance levels. I’ve seen a few elliptical trainers with 25 or more, but 20 is really all anybody needs at the most to have a well tuned workout.

One of the other things I really like is the My Nautilus Diary. It enables users to track workouts, results, and progress. It’s an excellent feature that helps motivate users to step up their game and continue working out.

There’s just one problem. The warranty is less than stellar. The Nautilus comes with a 1 year labor and 10 year parts warranty. If I’m going to buy a several thousand dollar piece of fitness equipment, I would like the peace of mind knowing it’s going to last at least a few years and if it were to fail, I wouldn’t be footing the repair bill.

Like I’ve said before, take my reviews with a grain of salt. If you like the motion and don’t mind the short warranty, go ahead and get it. Remember, the most important thing to do when finding an elliptical trainer is finding an elliptical trainer you feel comfortable using, not what some guy with a computer and internet connection thinks.

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