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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Horizon Evolve Treadmill Review

Hello Loyal Treadmill Master Fans!

Treadmill Review:
Horizon Evolve Treadmill
Treadmill Rating: 5 stars if you're looking to do some light exercise
Price: $499.99
Click to Buy The Horizon Evolve Compact Treadmill

I’m back after a much needed and greatly extended vacation. It’s almost August and that means we’ll be heading in to the busy season come September so I figured it was time to get off my lazy butt and start reviewing treadmills again! The first treadmill on my list is the Horizon Evolve Compact Treadmill.

Built with the reliability and comfort of a Horizon Treadmill but delivered with the price tag of a much lower end and less expensive Merit Treadmill. The Horizon Evolve Treadmills is rated at 1.25 CHP, one of the more reliable measurements of a treadmill motor.

The Horizon Evolve Treadmill line is also distinctly different. It has a large panel between the front support columns, I didn’t get a chance to talk with Horizon Fitness about this just yet but I think it’s only for aesthetics and justified with a little cubby hole to put things in. Not particularly useful, but great for making their new treadmill line stand out.

Considering the price the running area is also humungous! 17” x 45” That’s much larger than the Merit 710T Treadmill’s 16” x 45” running area. I know, I know, an inch doesn’t sound like much, but to a person in the treadmill industry like me it’s huge! Trust me, if you ran on these two treadmills side by side you’ll notice a difference, especially if you’re a larger or more energetic person. (Try running on a small treadmill deck hyped up on Moutain Dew and tell me an inch wouldn’t make all the difference in the world!)

Well, I’ve talked this treadmill up and it’s time to get to the downside of the Horizon Fitness Evolve Treadmill. Yes, there is a downside. There always is with great bargains! The Horizon Evolve has a max speed of 6 MPH. For most people that’s hardly even a jog, and you can forget about sprinting. The 6 MPH speed makes the Horizon Evolve Treadmill good for one thing, walking and speed walking. If you’re looking for a treadmill to train for a marathon or do some serious cardiovascular training check out the Horizon T81 or any Sole or Bowflex Treadmill. But if you’re an older person or someone who just needs a place to walk in comfort, at $500 delivered from this baby is a steal.

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thanks for the review, saved me from buying one. Cheers!