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Friday, July 24, 2009

Eclipse 1100 HRA Elliptical Trainer Reivew

Hello Readers,

I can’t think of a single elliptical trainer I would buy for under $600. The motion doesn’t feel right and I live in California, where it is sunny outside almost every day of the year. There’s not much of a reason to use a low grade elliptical trainer when there are beaches, mountains, and nice sidewalks to use if I can’t afford one of the better elliptical trainers out there. But, I understand that in much of the country snow blankets the streets or it is hot enough to cook eggs and bacon without a stove. For those of you who must suffer the insufferable, the lowest of the low end elliptical trainers may be your only option. To serve that segment of the population, here is my Eclipse 1100 HRA Elliptical Trainer Review.

The Eclipse 1100 HRA Elliptical Machine is designed by Fitness Quest, a leader in the low end fitness equipment sector. Fitness Quest has been making strides in the mid-range category, but has a lot of catch up to do if it wants to compete with the big boys like Horizon Fitness and Schwinn. One thing the Eclipse 1100 HRA Elliptical does well is programs. You’ll get 12 whole programs which is double or more what you can expect with a lot of other elliptical trainers in this price range.

Well, that’s about it for the positive. Yeah, seriously. The motion is bad and you’ll probably feel cramped with a clumsy feeling stride. I really wish I could tell you that you’re getting an amazing piece of fitness equipment for an incredible price, but I can’t. It just wouldn’t be honest. As a matter of fact, I would prefer a Tony Little Gazelle to the Eclipse 1100 HRA Elliptical Trainer. Better yet, check out a Merit Treadmill, you’ll feel much more comfortable on a Merit Treadmill, I promise!

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