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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Espirit Spirit EL5 Elliptical Trainer Review

Elliptical Trainer Review: Espirit Spirit EL5 Elliptical Trainer
Elliptical Trainer Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Price: $1,199

Hello Readers,

There are about 4 companies whose products have a strong track record of success. The “Big Four” are Star Trac, Horizon Fitness, Sole Treadmills, and Spirit Fitness. As far as cardio equipment goes, these four companies are the best in their respective niches. That’s why I’m not surprised when I see an exceptional value in the Espirit EL5 Elliptical Trainer, manufactured by Spirit Fitness. While it does have it’s flaws, you’ll definitely want to check out the Espirit Spirit EL5 Elliptical Trainer.

One thing that really impresses me is the 20 resistance levels. Once you start checking out the $1000 - $1400 range of elliptical trainer you should expect at least 10 resistance levels if not more. When I see 20 resistance levels on an elliptic al trainer that can be delivered for about $1200 I’m ecstatic! If I had to pick an average amount of resistance levels I see on elliptical trainers in this price range I would put that number around 12, if not lower. Resistance levels are important because they enable users to gradually, and in the case of the Espirit Spirit EL5 Elliptical Trainer, very, very gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. It kind of gets discouraging if you go from moderate to very hard in one flip of a switch because all of a sudden you’re out of breath and feeling exhausted after 5 minutes.

As far as comfort goes, the Espirit EL5 Elliptical Trainer is excellent. Spirit is known for comfort. I would have customers walk in all the time asking to use a Spirit Elliptical Trainer if they happened to be looking for an elliptical trainer in the $1000 - $1500 price range. This elliptical machine is smooth and quiet. There’s no other simpler, more accurate way to describe the fluid motion of the Espirit EL5 Elliptical Trainer.

Overall, the Spirit EL5 Elliptical Trainer is excellent. It does suffer from a lack of programs. I really would like to see 10 as opposed to the 8 that are included. But remember, the most important factor in choosing an elliptical trainer should be comfort. If an elliptical trainer isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to use it. You could probably burn your money with some gasoline, at least then you’ll have the fun of using some gasoline and get more use out of your money.

Remember, do some research, do some price comparisons, and if ask for some price reductions if you talk to someone on the phone!

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