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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Proform Epic View 550 Treadmill Review

Treadmill Review: Proform Epic View 550 Treadmill
Price: $1999
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A lot of people place a treadmill in a room with the TV. Some people will go through hoops just to get their treadmill lined up in a perfect spot to see the television. And who wouldn't want to watch TV while they're exercising anyway? I know I jump on the treadmill I have a TV in front of me things seem to go by exponentially faster. Even though I enjoy running, sometimes it is a chore and I just want to get it over with as soon as possible. Why am I saying all of this? Because the Logitech has TV built right into the console. The built-in TV really is the center of the Logitech.

The Logitech includes a 3.0 HP Odyssey two commercial motor. This motor is specially designed to keep noise to a minimum and to last as long as possible. Design features include direct cooling which keeps the components of the motor cooler enabling them to withstand years of workouts. The deck of the Logitech is a spacious 20" x 60". There may be a couple treadmills here or there with an extra inch or two of length or width, but these treadmills are very rare. If you want a larger treadmill you're probably going to have to spend several thousand dollars more than the price of Logitech or have something custom made. A 20" x 60" treadmill deck is pretty much the largest treadmill deck you're going to find at any store or online retailer. The powerful 3.0 HP motor can propel the belle of the Logitech up to 12 mph. For me personally, a jogging pace is about eight or 9 mph. A 12 mph pace is just insane! Unless your sprinter, you'll find very little use for a treadmill that goes faster than 12 mph. The treadmill deck is sturdy enough and the motor is powerful enough to handle users up to 350 pounds. ProForm puts their treadmills under extensive tests to make sure that the weight capacity rating on the label really measures up.

The Logitech comes with a vast array of features, and for a $2000 treadmill why shouldn't it? This treadmill comes equipped with a shock absorption system that reduces the impact of running when compared to running on your average street. This treadmill can fold up so you can have more space or even stored out of the way when you're not using it. Dual heart rate monitors track your pulse and are displayed on the extra-large backlit LCD display. In addition to everything that I just mentioned, the Logitech comes with a built-in 7 inch flatscreen TV. I can't think of a better future to include on a high end treadmill.

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