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Monday, November 19, 2007

Horizon Fitness EX55 Elliptical Trainer Review

It would be pointless for me to go in depth about the Horizon EX55 Elliptical specifications because the EX55 Elliptical is nearly identical to the EX56. Horizon Fitness makes a few cosmetic changes to their fitness equipment every year to keep their fitness equipment looking new and modern.

Horizon EX56 Elliptical Console
Horizon EX55 Elliptical Console

This is where the customer usually scores big with Amazon! Amazon will discount last year’s ellipticals once the new elliptical trainer line is made available to the public. There’s nothing wrong with the equipment, they haven’t been opened, used, or returned, they’re just last year’s models. Right now Amazon is selling the remainder of last years stock of Horizon EX55 Ellipticals for about $50 cheaper than the nearly identical EX56 ellipticals. The only difference is the look of the console. Other than that, stride length, programs, and resistance system are exactly the same!

Here’s some of the important features of the Horizon EX55 Elliptical Trainer:

Magnetic Resistance
The EX55 Elliptical is built with smooth magnetic resistance that creates a natural feel for the user; customize your workouts to be as light or intense as your routine calls for with 8 resistance levels.

Workout Programs
Take advantage of up to 8 fitness programs that target specific fitness goals such as weight loss, leg strength, and cardiovascular endurance. The EX55 Elliptical enables users to create and save custom workout programs.

Heart Rate Monitoring
Track your heart rate with built in heart rate monitoring sensors that are easy to use during vigorous workouts. Go harder or slower to stay in your ideal heart rate zone.

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