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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Horizon Fitness EX66 Elliptical Review

Meet the Horizon EX66 Elliptical Trainer. This EX66 is the next step up on the Horizon Elliptical rung. Horizon Fitness distinguishes the EX66 from the next lowest elliptical by including more fitness programs, 2 extra resistance levels, and a bright and much easier to read orange console display. The Horizon EX66 Elliptical improves user weight capacity by 25 lbs., supporting users up to 275 lbs.

The Horizon EX66 is built with a thinner design than the EX56 Elliptical.
The bright orange screen on the Horizon EX66 Elliptical allows users to easily track progress. Stride Length
The Horizon Fitness EX66 Elliptical comes with a long 18” stride length that accommodates users of all weights and sizes. Unless you’re a college or pro football player, the Horizon EX66 Elliptical should have a long enough stride length to let you freely swing your arms like you would during a normal walking or jogging routine.

The Horizon EX66 Elliptical is built with an adjustable stride design that adapts to users personal preferences.

Workout Programs
In addition to the 8 programs included in the EX56, the EX66 Elliptical comes with 6 additional fitness programs to help users reach specific fitness goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. As always, users can create and save custom programs to tailor a workshop to their specific needs.

Step Up Height
Horizon Fitness has designed the EX66 Elliptical with a low step up height to make first time elliptical trainer users confident and comfortable.

Resistance Levels
Adjust the intensity of your workout and add diversity to your routines with 10 different electronically controlled resistance levels. Gradually move from a light workout to an intense routine.

Resistance Type
The Horizon Fitness EX66 Elliptical employs magnetic resistance for the smoothest and most natural feel possible. Magnetic resistance comes standard with all Horizon Fitness Ellipticals, a sign of Horizon’s dedication to quality.

Display Console
The EX66 comes with a bright, easy to read orange console display. Keep track of statistics including time, heart rate, and distance, or adjust your workout on the fly.

Heart Rate Monitoring
The EX66 Elliptical includes heart rate monitoring sensors built into the handles. Easily track your heart rate and stay in your ideal heart rate zone during every workout.

The Horizon EX66 Elliptical requires a moderate amount of assembly. If you’re mechanically inclined, setup should take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Most retailers offer authorized in-home set up and repair service.

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Anonymous said...

For the most part a great machine. The m3p player is a nice feature and of all the machines I tested this was the most smooth moving and comfortable ones. Although the new design spreads your feet further apart than the previous versions. But I have had some noised that I have trouble getting rid of; one was a clunking at the front (now appears fixed) and another is a squeaky wheel (I think). I had trouble getting thought to the help line because I work and cannot call during their support hours. I could not find any help on Horizon's website. I do not understand some companies policies on hiding issues on there product, no product is perfect, but if you hide mistakes it forces current customer to come to sites like this... I believe because I bought it when it first came out I am stuck with the inherent bugs in any new product. Hopefully by now they have worked out the bugs because it seems like a great machine (I don’t use it as much because of the noises, like right now I was forced off the machine by the annoying squeaking to search for answers on the web.