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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Horizon Fitness T73 Treadmill Review

Horizon T73 TreadmillHorizon T73 Treadmill Review
Horizon T73 Treadmill Rating:
2 stars out of 5 for being more expensive than the Horizon T83
Price: $1149
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The Horizon T73 Treadmill is a well made piece of machinery and I would be proud to have a T73 in my home. Unfortunately, the T73 has been outclassed its replacement the Horizon T83 Treadmill. In this review I’ll cover the main features of the Horizon T73 Treadmill and explain why I recommend the Horizon T83 over the Horizon T73.

The Horizon T73 features a GelCell shock absorption system and is one the best received and reviewed treadmill shock absorption systems available. Well made shock absorption systems helps runners and joggers by absorbing the impact of a vigorous workout, sparing your body needless stress.

Like most treadmills the Horizon T73 features fitness programs that target cardiovascular endurance and fat burn. If you’re short on space, the Horizon T73 can be folded and rolled on built in transport wheels inside a closet or corner. One of the most impressive specs on the Horizon T73 Treadmill is the 325 lb. user weight capacity. Most treadmill manufacturers design treadmills in this price range to stand up to users 275 lbs. or less, Horizon Fitness blows them away by 50 lbs.!

Despite an excellent design there are three reasons why I recommend the newer Horizon T83 over it’s predecessor the Horizon T73. First is programs. The T83 has twice the programs as the T73 and having more options helps users to fine tune their workout routines. Second is horsepower. Horizon has built the T83 Treadmill with a little more horsepower which should make the T83 last longer and withstand the rigors of serious training. The third and biggest reason why I would choose the newer horizon treadmill model is price. The older Horizon T73 is about a $150 bucks cheaper than the Horizon T83. If you’re looking for the best treadmill under a $1000 the Horizon T83 is it; in the end the choice is yours and I hope you find a treadmill that will help you reach your fitness goals.

Oh, I’ve included a Horizon Treadmill Comparison Chart to help my readers distinguish the difference between the Horizon T73 Treadmill and the Horizon T83 Treadmill.

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