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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Proform 1050T Treadmill Review

Treadmill Review: Proform 1050T Treadmill
Price: $799
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It's time for my review of the Proform 1050T Treadmill. The Proform 1050T Treadmill is a midrange treadmill designed to deliver performance. A lot of people think treadmills and as for cardiovascular endurance, that's because they don't know how to use treadmills. The Proform 1050T Treadmill can do everything from help you lose weight to help you build some muscle! I'm going to give you a detailed treadmill review and cover everything you need to know about the Proform 1050T Treadmill.

This treadmill is built with a 3.0 CHP Mach Z commercial grade motor. The more powerful the motor, the longer treadmill is likely to last. Every time someone uses a treadmill stress is being placed on all the components. A treadmill with a high level of horsepower will not have to work as hard to meet what you are demanding of it, and therefore last much longer. Combine a powerful motor with an advanced cooling system and you have yourself a treadmill that is going to last for years to come, even when heavy users are running fast for a long period of time. On that note, the motor can propel the Proform 1050T Treadmill at 12 mph which is just about as high as you will find on treadmill at any price.

The 20" x 60”running surface is wide and spacious. Even treadmills that retail for more than $1500 tend to limit their running area to 20" x 60". If you are a larger or taller person and looking for something with a lot of space to stretch your legs the Proform 1050T Treadmill is a good option to consider. In addition to a large and spacious running area, you can customize the cushioning. The cushioning on the Proform 1050T Treadmill is fully adjustable from very soft to very firm. A lot of people have a lot of different opinions about how firm a treadmill should be, and with this feature everyone can be accommodated.

The Proform 1050T Treadmill does really well with the fundamentals of a treadmill and it does even better with all the extras. You get built-in iPod compatibility and built-in speakers. I personally don't like to wear headphones when I run so the built-in speakers are a great way to still listen to my music and avoid all the wires. There are also loads of fitness programs on the Proform 1050T Treadmill which makes this an excellent treadmill to consider.

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