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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Horizon Fitness T82 Treadmill Review

If you want a wide range of workout programs to lose weight or improve cardiovascular endurance check out the Horizon T82 Treadmill. Horizon Fitness has included 14 workout programs for targeted fitness goals. It’s much cheaper than higher end versions of the Horizon Treadmill series, yet offers the same great durability and Air Cell cushioning system Horizon Fitness treadmills are known for. If you’re heavy set or have a larger frame, the Horizon T82 can handle users up to 300 lbs. without causing a wobble motion and you can workout without feeling constrained with an extra wide 20” x 55” running area. If you’re a fan of music and have your own MP3 player, you’ll find the built in MP3 jack extremely convenient. Run to your favorite tunes and stay motivated!

Large built in heart rate monitoring for tracking heart rate during intense workouts on the Horizon T82 Treadmill
Track calories burned on the Horizon T82 Treadmill console.10 MPH Running Speed
Push yours body to the limit with a 10 MPH running speed that will challenge your will to exercise.

10% Incline
Is your routine getting easy? The Horizon T82 Treadmill comes equipped with an adjustable incline so you can vary your workouts and increase intensity as you get in shape. This treadmill can grow with you!

Air Cell Cushioning
If you have trouble with your joints, back pain, or get worn out quickly when you’re running, you might be suffering from excess stress on your joints and body frame. Horizon Fitness has developed an excellent shock absorption system designed reduce stress and keep you training harder, longer.

Large Backlit Display
Keep track of key metrics during your fitness routines with a large orange backlit display. You can track Time, Pulse, Distance, Calories, Incline, Speed and Program Profiles.

14 Fitness Programs
The T82 Treadmill includes 14 fitness programs to help you reach your fitness goals as soon as possible. Choose from Manual, Intervals 1, 2 & 3, Weight Loss 1 & 2, Foothills, Rolling Hills, Mountain Climb, Golf 9-Hole, Golf 18-Hole, and Pacer. You can always customize up to 2 fitness programs to suit your exercise and diet routine.

Horizon T82 Treadmill Specifications
Transport Wheels: Yes
Horsepower: 2.25 CHP
Motor Make: Johnson Tech.
Motor Rating & Type: Continuous duty DC
Shock Absorption: Yes,COMFORTzone™ Air Cell
Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Folding: Yes, FeatherLIGHT™ Lift System
Reversible Deck: No
Maximum Speed: 10 MPH
Maximum Incline: 10%
Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes, pulse grip
Heart Rate Control: No
Programs: Manual, Intervals 1, 2 & 3, Weight Loss 1 & 2,
Foothills, Rolling Hills, Mountain Climb, Golf 9-Hole, Golf 18-Hole, Pacer, Custom 1 & 2
Display Type: 60 x 80 mm orange backlit LCD, 2 small orange backlit LCDs
Power Requirements: 110v (Standard home outlet.)
Assembly Tools: Included
Grade: Residential
Belt Thickness: 1.6 mm, 2-ply
Running Area: 55" x 20"
Frame Warranty: Lifetime
Motor Warranty: Lifetime
Parts Warranty: 1 year
Labor Warranty: 1 year

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