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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Smooth CE 2.7 Elliptical Trainer Review

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Elliptical Trainer Review: Smooth CE 2.7 Elliptical Trainer Review
Elliptical Trainer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 for an excellent feel, low price, and adjustable stride
Price: $1099 (On sale right now, $200 off!)
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Well, I've been going down my list of and Smooth Elliptical Trainers and we have reached the Smooth 2.7 Elliptical Trainer. The Smooth 2.7 Elliptical Trainer actually happens to be on sale as of the time I wrote this article I which makes it the best deal Smooth Fitness has to offer. I'm not privy to special information from Smooth Fitness and therefore I do not know when this sale will end. If you like this elliptical trainer I suggest you hop on over to Smooth Fitness’ site right now and order it. For those of you who need a little bit more information to make a choice I invite you to read my full Smooth 2.7 Elliptical Trainer review.

Anyone who knows me knows I could go on for ever talking about a single treadmill or elliptical trainer. For the benefit of everyone I will try to stick with the basics of the Smooth 2.7 Elliptical Trainer. The most fundamental and important piece of information you'll need to know when buying elliptical trainer or treadmill is how comfortable is this elliptical trainer. I've been on literally dozens of pieces of fitness equipment during my fitness career and I know that Smooth Fitness offers the best elliptical trainers hands down. Comfort is the Smooth 2.7 Elliptical Trainers strong suit.

After comfort comes warranty. If I tried out the most comfortable elliptical trainer ever but it didn't have a warranty I could hardly feel comfortable recommending that elliptical trainer. What if it breaks? The Mac customer would be out hundreds possibly even thousands of dollars. And elliptical trainer without a decent warranty is just not worth the risk. Fortunately, the Smooth 2.7 Elliptical Trainer is backed by an industry-standard one-year parts and labor warranty. If anything breaks on this elliptical trainer you're covered for a full 12 months! I have seen elliptical trainers that retail for $600 or more that are backed by an anemic 90 day parts and labor warranty and some cases no parts or labor warranty. I would think twice before buying an elliptical trainer that covers parts and labor for less than a year. It's just not a very safe bet.

Another cool feature is adjustable stride length. The fitness industry is adding this feature to more elliptical trainers. This is an excellent addition to any elliptical trainer and eliminates many of the problems caused by multiple users, especially if one user is tall and when users short. All you have to do to get a comfortable stride is turn a knob.

One thing I do a lot of complaining about when it comes to local trainers is the console. Elliptical trainer consoles are often small and hard to read. The Smooth 2.7 Elliptical Trainer console is still small but all the important data are displayed large to make it easier to read when working out. This is just a small detail but coming from an elliptical trainer and aficionados it's an important one.

Final Analysis
I think I've covered all the important points of the Smooth 2.7 Elliptical Trainer. In short, it's comfortable. Comfort is the most important thing to consider when buying elliptical trainer. If you're elliptical trainer is not comfortable you probably won't use it. It also has a decent warranty and a large console display. The adjustable stride length makes this an ideal elliptical trainer for multiple users and I strongly recommend elliptical trainer.


Horizon Fitness Treadmill said...

I happen to be comfortable with Horizon but I like your review here. I learned something that I didn't already know about this brand.

Horizon Fitness Treadmill said...

I'm still partial to Horizon Treadmills...they are less expensive but do the exact same things. Nice review otherwise.